Thursday, April 2, 2009

An Ultimate Side Trip In Life

Ok, so another 'last paycheck' vacation, what now?  This was our question as I got a call on Monday that as of Tuesday 1 Apr (no April Fools, right boss?), I was unemployed.  One of the nicest lay off speeches I ever received, but still a lay off.  Again, what now?  Being a 'Tech Refugee' several times over, my wife and I went through this before.  Before was terrible, we got very stressed, but stuck together and made it through and were stronger for the effort.  So, what now?  

There is a total up side to this thing.  All the time given away from family for a job, got that back.   What about money?  Ok, re-arranged money to make it accessible, between that and unemployment, we can do this!  

First thing that happens are your friends, the ones that care about you come out of the woodwork.  That's meant in a nice way.  I got calls, emails, recommendations on LinkedIn from friends I hadn't heard from in a while.  They just saw my "looking for a job" on LinkdedIn and responded with kindness.  Or co-workers who just wanted to say hi and wish us well.   Wow, connections are even more important than I mentioned in an earlier post when I was hopping from roof top to roof top in the Bay.  People and our connections to them make life happen!

This feels so different than the past layoffs.  A kind of weird freedom to just explore life with my family!  Keep coming back to learn how this turns out.  Time to explore an 'Ultimate Side Trip In Life'.

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